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Sauvignon 2018

Vin du Pays du Val de Loire SAUVIGNON

  • 5,40€

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  • Vintage : 2018
  • Volume : 75 cl
  • Grape : Sauvignon

Winemaking Criteria

We are waiting for a reasonable ripeness of Sauvignon, in order to obtain a fresh complexity and the typical Sauvignon aromas. Harvested on the very first days of September 2017. We proceed to a pre-fermentation adaptation depending on vintages (respect for the harvest, light pre-fermentation maceration in the press with protection against oxidization, long pressing, meticulous settling...)

The fermentation is controlled (yeasting, controlled temperature: 16 - 17°C (61°F)...), without malolactic fermentation. Elevage is short and bottling occurs in spring 2018, in order to keep the freshness of the aromas.

A Sensory Experience

The canary yellow robe with its silver hues is brilliant and pure…The nose is nicely intense, delivering fruit and thiol aromas, typical from Sauvignon. It starts with grapefruit, followed by flowers (broom and honeysuckle). This fresh nose ends with a hint of box tree. The mouth is soft and delicate, much like the nose. You will find the same complexity of this farandole of aromas.

Wine and Food Matching

Served at a 5 to 6°C temperature (41 to 42.8°F), this dry white wine perfectly matches:

  • Flavors of the sea: shellfish (langoustines / scampi), uncooked shells (oysters, clams…) and cooked (mussels in white wine, cockles…)
  • Smoky flavors: smoked fish (trout, salmon, halibut, shark…)
  • Numerous fish, in tartar, sliced, or steamed (halibut, turbot…), or grilled (red mullet, mackerel, sardine)
  • Numerous goat cheese, especially dry or ash coated (Crottin de Chavignol)
Dry White Wines

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